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Land On Amazon First Page With
Product Listing Optimization

Using different channels to sell your product is essential; One of the most popular channels is Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you need Amazon SEO to optimize your listing. But how?

You need to use the best combination of lucrative keywords to make sure your page on Amazon will show to true customers. We have the expertise to boost your sale dramatically with our Amazon SEO services:

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how our amazon seo works

Analyze Niche Market & Competitors

First, we check your market and top 10 competitors on Amazon to find the best features that are working already for best sellers.

Keywords & Content

Then we provide a list of keywords and the content of 4 sections. (Title, Bullet Points, Description, Search Terms)

A+ Content & Reports

Finally, we will provide weekly or monthly reports of the changes. For the sellers who registered business, we will provide EBC.

Amazon SEO services

Amazon SEO
Your Sale is Our Business.

Do you know in 2021, more than 98 million users/month used Amazon mobile app and 89% of them prefer to buy from Amazon instead of other platforms?

Also, small and medium businesses in the US sell more than 4,000 products per minute.

You are a seller between 2 million small and medium sellers worldwide. The most important goal is to be on the first page. With our Amazon SEO Services, you can do that. Diginesstor has your back!