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1. What is on page SEO?

On-page or on-site SEO is about finding the best keywords and optimizing the content on a webpage to maximize the number of visitors who searched with that keyword.

2. Is there any on page SEO checklist?

Well, there are lots of lists but the most important point is keyword study as a first step. Then optimizing the title, description, headings, URL, and image alt tag with that keywords is next.

3. How many keywords per page SEO?

You can target any keywords you want but as a matter of indexing and ranking, it would be suggested to target “one main keyword for one page“. It means you need to repeat specific keywords in other page elements.

4. How long does SEO take to rank?

It depends on the niche market and our mistakes but as a rule of thumb, at least you can count on 2 months. It does not instantly work because you need to take a continuous step at a time.

5. How many words per page SEO?

There is an important factor for ranking and search engines take it seriously and penalize pages. It is “thin” content. To avoid that you need to write more than 300 words a page.

6. How on page SEO is done?

Technically, when you optimize the content’s features like meta tags, headings, image alt, and so on you can say it just started. Why? because your competitors are creating more and more content to get rank better.

7. Is it important to implement an audit first?

Auditing the website is highly recommended because it will draw a big picture to find the best practice and optimize the campaign timing. By doing an audition you will make sure to optimize the whole criteria.

8. How to do on-page SEO?

You can do that by yourself if you know about optimization and are familiar with search engines. If not you can hire a freelancer. But if you want to be top-notch you need to find an SEO agency for the long term.

Off-Page SEO FAQ

1. What is off page SEO?

It is everything you are doing outside the website to improve your website’s ranking. It is also called “off-site SEO”. However, in the SEO context, it is considered as a link building or backlinks.

2. Why off page SEO is important?

The main goal of SEO is to direct more traffic to your website and in off-page SEO by creating connections to the important niche websites we aim to redirect a portion of their traffic to our website by creating links.

3. How to do off page SEO?

The first step is analyzing your competitors and finding their backlink resources. Then create a backlink profile to prioritize the best websites based on DA and RD indexes.

4. What are off-page SEO factors?

The most important factor is to analyze the website that you want to connect with it. It should be related to your niche, has a good domain authority, and did not penalized by search engines before. Avoid toxics!

5. How to disavow backlinks?

If you realized there are many bad backlinks pointing to your website, first you need to ask them to remove them. If they did not do that, you need to use disavow tool in webmaster.

6. Link building vs backlink?

Link building is a process of creating links from other websites, directories, and social media but a backlink is a link that points to your website from others. It is common to consider both as the same.

7. What are DoFollow and NoFollow links?

DoFollow is a link that counts as points, pushing SEO link juice, and boosting the rank of that page. NoFollow is a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favour and does not help the page rank higher.

8. How to run an off-page SEO campaign?

You can do that by yourself and try to connect to websites with higher domain authority. Also, you can use freelancers but not recommended because you have no access to edit them in case. Or hire an agency!

Amazon SEO FAQ

1. What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon has a search engine to help buyers find the products they want. Amazon optimization is a process to enhance your listing ranks higher in that search engine and increase your sale.

2. How to do SEO for Amazon products?

You need to find a specific niche market for your product and search for the top 10 sellers. You should search for the best keywords they used and write content with that keywords.

3. How does amazon SEO work?

Every product on Amazon should have content to help buyers to find the right item. By keyword study with specific software, you can find the best terms and use them for your product listings.

4. Are amazon SEO services a scam?

It is true that there is some fraud in this field but by signing a contract with a registered SEO agency you can be sure there is no scam. For agencies, this is a profession and they are reliable for that.

5. Are there SEO benefits in amazon seller display names?

Absolutely. Every search engine has an algorithm to match search terms to the best-matched product and it is based on keywords. There are several reliable web applications to help you.

6. What are the main parts of amazon SEO?

Basically, there are 4 different parts for an item: title, search term, bullet points, and description. Also, you should have images with specific standards. For registered brand you can have A+ content as well.

7. How to boost amazon traffic after implementing SEO ?

The best way is to register your brand on Amazon. It helps you to utilize the features which are not available for not registered sellers. Some of them are EBC, videos, Amazon posts, virtual bundles and so on.

8. How to do amazon SEO?

If you have time, do that by yourself. Because you know your market and your product better than others. If not, hire an Amazon SEO agency because their optimization knowledge helps you a lot.


1. What is local SEO?

It is a strategy for businesses to help more visible when potential customers search locally. The main aim is appear on Google pack map in 3-pack map.

2. How to do local SEO?

First Step: Create an account on Google Business profile or Bing Places for Business. Then add NAP, which stands for Name, Address, and Phone number for your business, and choose a category and description.

3. How to improve local SEO?

Creating posts regularly with specific keywords can help a lot. It would be like news, event, offer, and product or services. Then connect it to your website and try to get reviews which help a lot.

4. Why local SEO is important for small business ?

Mostly small and even medium businesses are focusing on the local market. So it is crucial to increase local awareness about your business. It drives more traffic to your website or business contact.

5. How do you know if you need local SEO?

If you are a local business it can help to increase your potential customer’s awareness about you. Also, you can check your niche competitors to find if they have map profile.

6. What is local SEO citation?

Citation is mentions of your business online with or without links. Also, it is a search engine ranking factor. It has two types: structured like directories and unstructured like blogs.

7. How long does local SEO take ?

It really depends on your activity and keeps your profile updated but technically it may take 4-8 weeks if your website and your profile have the minimum requirements.

8. How to implement local SEO?

You can do that by yourself if you have time to keep posting on your listing. Freelancers would be the next solution. But hiring an SEO agency would be better because of some search engine ranking factors.

Technical SEO FAQ

1. What is technical SEO?

It is a technical part of optimization to check your website and server side to make sure everything is ready for their spider regards of crawling. It will check site speed, Robots, sitemap, UX and many more.

2. Why is technical SEO important?

It is the foundation of any SEO activity. You need to make sure your website is ready to crawl and indexed by search engines and without that, any efforts won’t be effective.

3. On-page vs technical SEO?

The main focus of on-page optimization is content and features of that to help search engine spider to find out what the page is about but technical optimization is focusing on IT part of optimization.

4. What is a technical SEO audit ?

To audit a website technically, we need to check XML sitemap, URL security, load time, check the mobile-friendly version, user interface, user experience, robots.txt and so on.

5. What is included in technical SEO?

It includes any part of IT or software parts of the website and server. Also, we need to ensure our website is connected to the webmasters like Google Search Console, Bing, Yandex, or Baidu.

6. How long does technical SEO take to impact?

Despite of other approaches, technical optimization impact would be measurable immediately by checking connectivity, website features and service readiness.

7. What are technical SEO objectives ?

There are two main goals. First, technically optimize the website so search engines can crawl and index it without a problem. The second is to Improve the user experience of our website.

8. How to do technical SEO?

If you are or have an IT guy you can handle it by yourself. If not we highly recommend using an agency which provides SEO and technical services both because of their optimization knowledge.


1. What is SEO auditing?

It is the process of evaluating a website to see how search engine friendly the site is. Based on the best practices every optimization part should check by an expert to find the strength and weaknesses of a site.

2. How to audit a website for SEO?

The first step is to record the status quo of the website from the current traffic to connectivity. Then the competitor’s situation is important to figure out which areas are more important.

3. How long does an SEO audit take?

It depends on the depth of the audit. Actually, some companies audit just one area but you should know there are more aspects to audit. At least we should answer 12 questions to get a good report.

4. What does an SEO audit include?

It has 4 main parts: on-page, off-page, technical, and general auditing. From checking XML sitemap to analyzing organic traffic. It is important to cover all features to ensure having a good plan.

5. What are SEO audit tools?

There are two main tool categories. The first is a web-based solution that helps you to find problems online. The second solution is applications that you need to install and enter the URL.

6. Why do we do SEO audit?

The short answer is to make sure the strategy of our website is up to date. If you avoid doing auditions, you probably missing a huge opportunity to get rank better on search engines.

7. Is an SEO Audit worth it?

There are many different fees for auditing but this is not an expense. SEO audit is investing and in some cases, it can increase your revenue by more than 50 percent if you do a qualified audit and implement it well.

8. Do I need to hire sombody to do SEO audit?

We highly recommend asking an agency to audit your website because there are different areas to check especially if you want to stay on top in search engines for the long term. 

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