Technical SEO Services

Create a Solid Base for
Search Engine Results

Technical SEO is the first SEO step to make your website crawlable by search engines. So consider it as your online business foundation.

There are 2 main goals for implementing technical SEO. First, you need to make sure search engines can find and crawl your website then index and finally rank it. The second is enhancing user experience by optimizing your website technically. That is why we provide this service in 2 tiers.

1.Web Crawling Ease:

2. Maximize User Experience:

technical SEO services

How our technical SEO Works

Initial Technical Audit

The first step is checking Google crawling allowance, URL setting, and Permalinks to ensure the website is ready for crawling.

Optimize Crawlability

Next, we need to optimize the website technically and check the content to ensure the search engines can crawl and index smoothly.

User Experience Optimization

Finally, we will enhance UX by improving website speed, links, and implementing features to create a better search experience.

technical SEO services

Technical SEO
In-depth Website’s Technical Profile

Your website should load in less than 3 seconds. It means before any SEO effort or creating content, because of the search engine algorithm, you need to ensure the website is fast enough to avoid penalties. 

You probably know your website bounce rate increases dramatically for every second of delay which means you will lose clients.

As a foundation part of SEO services, we will ensure your website works according to search engine guidelines.