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Why SEO?

SEO benefits are well-known today. In a top-down view SEO is an approach to the process of making your website crawlable and indexable by search engine and the first reason is every successful website use this approach to enhance ranking on search engine. Because people mostly check the first page of search results. So you have a very tinny chance to be chosen if you do not be between 10 organic search results and this is why we need to know about SEO benefits.

There is another concept here which is “keywords” and that is the field of competition between rivals to gain rank on it. The more good quality content, the more chance to get ranked. People are searching by “keywords” and businesses try to create more content to persuade search engines for appearing on the first page. It is important to have a nice UI and UX however, content has more weight in ranking competition. That is why specialists call content a “king”.

Another reason for taking SEO seriously is Google loves you if people love you first. It means you have to create content based on your audience’s literacy. If you are a scientist and produce a supplement, for instance, you can not write an article with pharmacology vocabulary because your audiences have no clue about the science. They just care about the benefits of that medicine and their search terms mostly is more common words that they use every day. So you need to know those search terms in your content. That is why you need to implement a “keyword study” to find how your potential customers are looking for you.

But How to implement SEO?

First, you need to know at least there are four main SEO approaches depending on your business size and type. You need to care about all of them.

1. on-page SEO

2. off-page SEO

3. technical SEO

4. Local SEO

Second, you have to do market research for the sake of SEO and find out what your competitors are doing to gain more online market share. You should check their website, social media, local profiles, citations, backlinks and so on. By implementing this research you can find what you need to do as a matter of the content.

And the third would be an SEO audit. It means you need to check your current online assets (website, profiles, content, and so on) and analyze the gap between the status quo and the goal. 

Now you can be confident that you have a solid plan to gain profit from digital marketing. But not too fast! bear in mind it is true that SEO directs organic clicks to your business and it is way cheaper than advertising but generally speaking, SEO takes time to show results. Specialists mentioned it may take 2-6 months to show the result, so you need to be patient here. However, you will see a huge profit on SEO efforts.

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